15 Quintessential Marcus Tullius Cicero Quotes

Marcus Tullius Cicero, an ancient Roman thinker and speaker, has an incredible way with words that still speak to us today. His quotes contain wisdom that spans everything from how societies should be run to what it means to be a good person. When you dive into Marcus Tullius Cicero

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21 Andy Warhol Quotes to Remix Your Lifes Rhythm

21 Andy Warhol Quotes to Remix Your Lifes Rhythm

Andy Warhol, a prominent figure in the pop art movement, was an American artist, film director, and producer. He frequently showcased images of ordinary objects like Campbell’s Soup cans and Marilyn Monroe in his work, utilizing techniques like silkscreen printing and actively experimenting with celebrity culture. He gained cultural icon

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Nikola Tesla Quotes

Develop a Broad Perspective with these 15 Insightful Nikola Tesla Quotes

While studying for exam during school, you might have read about modern alternating current power supply system. Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer was the brain behind this mind-boggling innovation. Although he is best known for his contribution in electricity and wireless power supply, people often

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Quotes by Thomas Paine

15 Quotes by Thomas Paine to aflame Patriotism

The American and French Revolutionary movements are the testaments to the fact that revolution might be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. The veterans who participated in these movements have left behind a legacy that will be upheld by the generations to follow. Thomas Paine was one such integral

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Quotes by Famous Leaders

Learn the Art of Leadership with these 20 Quotes by Famous Leaders

What do great leaders do?—they encourage, uplift, inspire, build, and empower people. How do they do that?—with passion, courage, ambition, confidence, and patience. What can we learn from them?—Optimistic approach, Organizational commitment, Credibility, and many more… Adding to this, we can learn from their outstanding wisdom and leadership strategies. Quotes

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Quotes by Jonas Salk

Polish your Vision with 15 Motivational Quotes by Jonas Salk

A ‘miracle worker, a boon for millions—Jonas Salk is credited for discovering and developing the first successful polio vaccine. He was an American Virologist and medical researcher who was also one of the leading scientists of the twentieth century. His thoughts on patenting vaccines influenced upcoming scientists and encouraged them

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