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15 Inspirational Satya Nadella Quotes to ease your Life Journey

Activate Windows… Go to settings and activate windows.” This message is not new to most of us. To fulfill this common requirement of my laptop, I surfed the internet and found the cure to its technical soul. To my surprise, I also learned about the brain that helped the parent company of windows—Microsoft—to rediscover its soul. Yes, I am definitely talking about Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft, and a vibrant personality at the international level. There is a lot to learn from such a leader who transformed his company and here is my hand-crafted collection of 15 Satya Nadella quotes that can push hard to take more effort and bring your dreams into reality.

  1. “Success can cause people to unlearn the habits that made them successful in the first place.”
  1. “The opportunity ahead for Microsoft is vast, but to seize it, we must focus clearly, move faster, and continue to transform.”
  1. “Over the next 10 years, we’ll reach a point where nearly everything has become digitized.”
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  1. “We must ensure not only that everyone receives equal pay for equal work, but that they have the opportunity to do equal work.”
  1. “If you are going to have a risk-taking culture, you can’t really look at every failure as a failure, you’ve got to be able to look at the failure as a learning opportunity.”
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  1. “I’m also grounded in our challenges, in fact, that’s the adventure that creates the competitive zeal in me to do great work.”
  1. “I think playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career.”
  1. “Be passionate and bold. Always keep learning. You stop doing useful things if you don’t learn.”
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  1. “You renew yourself every day. Sometimes you’re successful, sometimes your not, but it’s the average that counts.”
  1. “There is something only a CEO uniquely can do, which is set that tone, which can then capture the soul of the collective.”
  1. “The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.”
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  1. “Technologies will come and go, so you need to be able to both ask and answer the question: What do you do as a company, why do you exist?”
  1. “Listen to your customers and your employees, they are the most important thing and define your business.”
  1. “My approach is to lead with a sense of purpose and pride in what we do, not envy or combativeness.”
Satya Nadella Quotes to shape your Mindset
  1. “When I think about my career, my successes are built on learning from failures.”

Satya Nadella has been an advocate of the growth mindset. This desire for positive change and acknowledgment of mistakes is recognized throughout his journey. We hope you enjoyed reading Satya Nadella quotes and inspired you to become a better version of yourself.

Trupti Munde

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