10 Coronavirus Quotes that Define the Reality

The COVID-19, recently declared a pandemic has threatened one and all. Started from China, it has started to widen its wings across the globe. Almost all large nations including the United States, China, India, are witnessing the fear and destruction that are caused by the disease. Automotive, textile, IT, Healthcare, and almost all the small and large industries and startups have been affected by this pandemic. The stock markets around the world are experiencing a massive downfall. Countries are taking all the necessary precautions to counter the drastic scenario; however,  (myths) about the COVID-19 are also being spread swiftly. Here are the 10 coronavirus quotes that define the reality you must know about the disease:

1. Don’t panic, this isn’t Permanent

The continuous efforts are being taken to counter the disease. So the vaccine will be available sooner than later. Keep patience, don’t panic.

Donald Trump

2. Sanitizing is a Necessity

Use of sanitizers is one of the most popular measures taken against the disease. Sanitize your hands from time to time.

Brian Cornell

3. Start of a long-lasting Pandemic

The outbreak, spread rapidly across the world till now is expected to only widen its wings in next few days. So, be prepared for the proposed threats.

Coronavirus Quotes

4. There’s no option but to fight

Rather than crying, fighting against it is the way to go if you are diagnosed with the disease. So don’t lose hope, keep fighting.

Tom Hanks

5. Get ready for a loss in Business

As the pandemic is affecting the stock markets around the world, there are very few companies gaining profit. So, be ready to face the confronting situation.

Coronavirus Quotes By Charles O'Shea

6. Exemptions are not Actual Benefits

The reduction in gasoline prices may excite you, but hold on, as your schools are closed, you can’t go for an outing, and you are working from home, these exemptions will not benefit you.

Coronavirus Quotes By Daniel Yergin

7. Actual Experts overshadowed as Social Media Erupts

With the extensive proliferation of social media, number of fake experts coming out with fake advices is increasing. The actual experts are thus being overshadowed.

Coronavirus Quotes Author Beth Moore

8. More Rumors, Less Facts

The speed at which rumors about coronavirus are being spread around the world is threatening. It’s quite obvious that there is fear amongst people and overuse of social media is responsible for the same.

Coronavirus Quotes By Thomas Rid

9. Financial Stagnation at a hand’s distance

The historic crashes in International stock markets are topping the headlines. The world confronts a continuous economic slowdown in the near future.

Coronavirus Quotes By Kyle Bass

10. Food Crisis for Under Privileged students

Most of the students who attend Public schools in UK are economically disadvantaged. So as the schools are closed, the issue of their meals has become critical.

Coronavirus Quotes By Michael Sorrell

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