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Advice for Young Entrepreneurs from Oracle Leaders

If you do not have a personal guru to guide you during the thick and thin times of entrepreneurship, then checkout our popular magazine issue of The 10 Leading Oracle Solution Providers for 2018’ to seek sound tips and recommendations from the featured entrepreneurs who hold vast years of experience, clear vision, and in-depth knowledge about the business and technological landscape.


jon dixon automation quotes

Quote: ” In a world where AI and automation are becoming a commonplace, deep expertise will keep you stay ahead of the robots “.

– Jon Dixon, Co-founder, jmj Cloud


automation quotes by Dimitri Gielis

Quote:  ” Follow your passion and share your knowledge. It’s great to get something, but it’s even greater to give “.

–  Dimitri Gielis, Founder & CEO, APEX R&D


automation quotes by Martín Cabarique

Quote: ” Be determined about what you want to do and your patience will bore sweet results “

– Martín Cabarique, Founder, ITCabarique 


automation quotes by Sylvain Deslandes

Quote:  ” Put innovation at the heart of your thinking process. “

-Sylvain Deslandes, CEO, Agileum


automation quotes by Hugo Alexander

Quote: ” The aspiring entrepreneurs must not be afraid of making mistakes and at the same time, remain positive enough to learn from their mistakes. “

– Hugo Alexander Barona, CEO & Founder, Mastertics


automation quotes by Guido Leduc

Quote: ” Gain the experience and then add your own ideas into it. Together, we achieve more.

-Guido Leduc, CEO, DOC BV


automation quotes by Paulo Coelho

Quote:  ” A start-up requires a blend of attitude, hard work, value, and innovation!  “

-Paulo Coelho, Co-founder, Everglee


automation quotes by Peter Ragantisch & Matt Nolan

Quote:  ” Always ensure that the outcome of your work will push your vision further and help achieve your goals. 

-Peter Ragantisch, CEO & Matt Nolan, CTO, FOEX GmbH


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