5 Tips to develop a Successful Mobile App by Shailendra Sinhasane

We had an opportunity to feature Shailendra Sinhasane (Shail), CEO at Mobisoft Infotech.

Mobisoft is a custom software product development company based in Houston, TX with a 200+ strong product design and development team working from Pune, India. The global IT services company offers services and solutions across technology platforms specialized in Mobility, Web, Cloud, Open Source, IoT, DevOps, Analytics, and UX/UI.

Shail is leading the company and has been focused on cloud solutions, mobile strategy, cross-platform development, and Internet of Things (IoT) innovations. Shail has an extensive experience in leading App Development projects and he shares the following five tips to make successful apps in this competitive age.

1.Focus on building a mobility solution/app that solves a specific problem.

Many developers try to build an app that can solve many problems. This  makes it difficult for developers to include everything comprehensively and hinders the growth of the app. Shailendra Sinhasane says that it is always better to address a specific problem first. Following that, developers can add further features to enhance the performance.

Focus on building a mobility solution/app

2. Do proper market research, before hitting the market and developing an app.

When an idea hits a professional, he/she tries hastens to develop that app and hit the market as soon as possible. However, working on an app prior to proper market research can be very risky and can result into wastage of significant resources.

Do proper market research, before hitting the market

3. Make it Efficient.

Shail believes that “If you are doing something, do it with 100% efficiency, else don’t do it at all.” Efficiency is all about getting more done in less time, and this is something user expects out of every mobile app.

Efficiency is all about getting more done in less time

4. Keep it simple and make it intuitive,

CEO of Mobisoft says that simplicity attracts people. He suggests to make it more intuitive; easier an app is to use, more the users will like it.


5. Creating a buzz before the launch is important. Promote your solution well in advance.

It is very important that your target audience know that you are about to release an app that they need. This gives a good start and increases the probability of success.

Promote your solution well in advance.

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