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12 Jordan Peterson Quotes to Stay Motivated!

Jordan Peterson: A Psychologist, an Author, and a YouTuber

Jordan Bernt Peterson, born and raised in Edmonton, Canada is a clinical psychologist and is currently working as a psychology professor at the University of Toronto. Peterson has also penned down some amazing books and is the author of two amazing books, thus becoming the basis of many lectures. 

Jordan has also made videos that criticized Bill C-16, passed by the Canadian Government in 2016 that stated the issues of “gender identification and expression” and later posted them on YouTube. He has also created some podcasts regarding the same concern as he thought the bill created discrimination. He argued that the implementation of this bill would make the use of certain gender pronouns into a compelled speech. 

About his books

In 1999, Jordan authored and published his first book “Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief”. This book is combined information of religion, literature, mythology, philosophy, and neuroscience in order to analyze the systems of belief and meaning. 

He wrote “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” in 2018 when he had temporarily put his clinical practice and teaching duties on hold. Ultimately, this book became a best-seller in many countries.

As Jordan has a very good knack for inculcating motivation amongst individuals, we have mentioned below some of the motivational quotes

  1. “When you have something to say, silence is a lie.”silence is a lie

When there is a lot to say, staying silent is not the appropriate option. It is a lie you tell yourself and the people you care about.

  1. “To suffer terribly and to know yourself as the cause: that is Hell.”know yourself as the cause

When you are in misery because of yourself, it can create a lot of adverse effects: physically and mentally.

  1. “Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.”Compare yourself to who you were yesterday

The biggest mistake that we do is comparing ourselves to other people. Everybody is unique in their own way, so the better thing to do is analyze your progress on a daily basis.

  1. “Always place your becoming above your current being.”Always place your becoming above your current being

You should keep your aspirations on the top of your priority list and work for them to become who you wish to.

  1. “What you aim at, determines what you see.”determines what you see.

The aims and objectives you set for yourself along with your determination to accomplish them decide the outcome for your life.

  1. “Not everyone who is failing is a victim, and not everyone at the bottom wishes to rise, although many do, and many manage it.”Not everyone who is failing is a victim

The urge to get over all the obstacles has to come from within. Your dedication and determination define who you are, and who you want to be— despite your multiple failures. But there are a few people who can manage and cope with their failures and successes.

  1. “Violence is no mystery. It’s the peace that’s the mystery. Violence is the default. It’s easy. It is the peace that is difficult: learned, inculcated, earned.”Violence is no mystery

Violence is in-built but overcoming it and find your inner peace requires strength. It is difficult to inculcate as to gain peace you have to learn how to instill it and maintain it with consistency.

  1. “If you cannot understand why someone did something, look at the consequences—and infer the motivation.”infer the motivation

The true intentions of a person lie in their actions and their consequences which can directly make you infer about his motivations.

  1. “If you betray yourself, if you say untrue things, if you act out a lie, you weaken your character.”you weaken your character

The only way to strengthen your character or mold yourself is by staying true to who you are, being truthful, and doing righteous deeds.

  1. “Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.”Jordan Peterson Quotes

Criticizing others is easier than acknowledging them for their efforts. This is an analogy to “Charity begins at home.” It thus puts forth the idea of organizing one’s life instead of peaking to condemn other people.

  1. “Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing and see what happens.”Jordan Peterson Quotes

Hard work is the key to your success. The amount of hard work that you do is directly proportional to the amount of accomplishment that you get.

  1. “You might be winning but you’re not growing, and growing might be the most important form of winning.”Jordan Peterson Quotes

The ability to grow oneself along with gaining professional growth is the most important aspect of being successful. If you are stagnant in your personal growth, you will fail to feel accomplished and satisfied.

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